Inspection, Repair and Decommissioning of US Department of Energy LiDAR Buoys

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Following the recovery of two US DOE floating-LiDAR buoys, OTS was contracted by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratories (PNNL) to inspect, decommission, and manage all repairs for both systems. These buoys have operated continuously to collect wind profile data to support offshore windfarm development and research.

OTS managed crane and road transportation logistics of the buoy recovered offshore of Virginia Beach, VA to the OTS facility in New Jersey where maintenance and repairs were performed inside of the high bay shop.

The system that was deployed offshore New Jersey was recovered by OTS and moved directly to the OTS facility for inspection, repairs and decommissioning.

Repairs conducted by OTS have included replacing major components of the power systems and LIDARs, replacement of ancillary sensors, and repairs to the buoy hulls.