Marine Current Measurements

Ocean Tech Services specializes in providing systems for real-time monitoring of marine currents. Utilizing the most reliable and user friendly equipment on the market, we design and install the hardware, sensors and communication systems most appropriate for your environment and application. Data may be recorded within the instrumentation for later recovery, or provided in real-time to dedicated logging or display systems to take the guess work out of critical decision making.

Bottom Mounted Systems – Moorings – Horizontal Mountings on Piers

  • Permanent current monitoring stations in ports, harbors, rivers and dams
  • Buoy mounted systems on aids to navigation (ATON) and custom platforms
  • Short term installations providing data in support of construction, dredging and sporting events

Over the years we have designed and installed current measurement systems for all environments including rivers, estuaries, harbors, coastal areas and continental shelf locations. Let OTS help you to collect the current information needed for your next project.