Environmental Buoys

OTS provides complete buoy systems for collecting meteorological and oceanographic data at offshore and coastal project locations. Buoys are instrumented with calibrated sensors and remote communication systems to ensure quality measurements and delivery of data to your desktop. Our experienced personnel will provide complete services for mooring design, sampling strategies, installation, maintenance and daily performance monitoring.

Standard configurations provide:

  • Surface wind speed and direction
  • Air temperature & barometric pressure
  • Water temperature

Expandable to include:

  • LIDAR wind profiles to 150m altitude
  • Ocean currents and waves
  • Visibility
  • Avian, bat, and marine mammal detection devices

Buoyed monitoring systems are available for lease or purchase, and can be operated by OTS or your staff. Call us to discuss your project requirements and we will be pleased to help you design the most appropriate and cost effective systems to get the information you need.