OTS Provides Buoy Deployment and Maintenance Services for U.S. DOE

In November 2015, Ocean Tech Services deployed an AXYS WindSentinel buoy based LIDAR system near offshore wind development areas along the coast of New Jersey as part of a contract to install, operate and maintain the buoy for a 1-year data collection mission signed with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL).  Click this image to read the OFFSHOREWIND.BIZ article! Read more »

Ocean Tech Services Deploys LIDAR Buoy for Offshore Wind Project Research off New Jersey

During May 2013, Ocean Tech Services, LLC (OTS) successfully deployed a state-of-the-art floating-LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) buoy 11 miles off the coast of Ocean City, NJ for offshore windfarm developer Fishermen’s Energy. Fishermen’s will use the WindSentinel™ to collect wind data for resource assessment in anticipation of developing a commercial-scale windfarm in the Outer […] Read more »

Locating a Lost Underwater Mooring with an EdgeTech 4125

On 22 May 2011 a trawl resistant mount with an ADCP was deployed in 20m of water near Deer Island Boston, Massachusetts. Over the next few months, it was expected that the mooring was collecting data as required by the NOAA program. The data were to be used to update NOAA tide current predictions in […] Read more »

Real-Time Current Measurements Improve Vessel Safety and Port Efficiency

The ATON System Provides Port Decision Makers With a Reliable and Cost-Effective Alternative in Real-Time Current Monitoring Nearly every major shipping port in the United States and many abroad are outfitted with a network of real-time oceanographic and atmospheric sensors, providing critical information to vessel pilots, harbor managers and support craft. In the United States, […] Read more »