Air Gap Systems

Ocean Tech Services provides air gap monitoring systems to continuously report vertical clearance between the water surface and bridges.

Based on radar altimeter technology, these systems monitor changes in water level, volume of traffic crossing the bridges, and air temperature, all of which cause bridge clearance to fluctuate. As ships become taller, some are passing under bridges with just inches to spare.

Working within specifications defined by NOAA, and in close consultation with the agency and sensor manufacturers, OTS will perform system design, installation and maintenance services of air gap systems for busy ports and waterways. Our personnel have been closely involved with the NOAA development of qualified air gap systems for U.S. ports and have performed installations and maintenance services at many locations.

Data are logged internally at the station and transmitted via cell modem or satellite communications to quality control centers before posting to web accessible sites. Stations operate reliably 24/7 and require only periodic onsite maintenance.